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Disk or network error (64514)
Last Updated about a month ago

The Disk or network error message can appear anywhere within PropPack. The actual origin is irrelevant (AllManL:CountFlats in the example below).


It is displayed when the PropPack program on your PC loses contact with the actual Access database containing all your data.

Typically, the PropPack program will be running on your own PC while the PropPack database is on a shared server on your network.

The message indicates that there has been a loss of contact between the program and the data.

Solution: Close PropPack and open it again.

If the error appears frequently, this indicates you have some network problem with your PC losing contact with the server - even momentarily.

This could indicate some issue with your network connection - your PC, the network cable or other network components. Contact your IT support.

Very important: An other possible cause is described in our FAQ here. Make sure that your IT support has taken the action detailed there.

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