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Opening PropPack: The following users are logged on to PropPack
Last Updated 3 months ago


This message can appear after a user has installed an updated version of PropPack and tries to open the new version of PropPack.

The update may contain modifications to the internal database.These modifications can only be done when the database is not actually in use.

So all users must be logged off in such a case before the new version of PropPack can be opened.

Make sure all users are actually logged off. Unfortunately the list of users mentioned in the message is often wrong. If there is at least one copy of PropPack open, It typically lists all the users who have recently used PropPack, even those that are now closed. So once you find an open copy and close it then try opening the new version again.

If you get the message the first time then try one more time, as sometimes at the second try it will work. If this attempt follows closing PropPack using Task Manager, then do try twice before moving on to check other PCs.

If both tries fail then there is definitely someone who has PropPack open. Or, more accurate, there is a copy of MS Access open. Sometimes PropPack may close but the underlying msaccess.exe program is still active.

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