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How to Change Text of AST Agreement
Last Updated 2 months ago

Go to:
General Maintenance > Preferences > Modify System Files > Letter Texts
and selecting Text Type: Internal Document Text and TextID: ASTA and click on the button.

On the Letter Text Maintenance screen do NOT change any of the TextID keys. Neither may you delete any records. The only thing you may do is change the text in the central Text boxes.

You can double-click on any text box to open the Zoom screen so you can see more of the text and change it easily.

Text IDs starting ASTA-A1 relate to a newer style of AST but it is completely bare. You may enter text as you wish subject to the restrictions noted above. If you want a particular record to be ignored, just blank out the Text field - do not delete the record.

Text IDs starting ASTA-F, ASTA-R and ASTA-U relate to the standard style of AST for Furnished, Regulated and Unfurnished units.

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