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How to Set up Recharge Percentages
Last Updated 3 months ago

Recharge percentages are relevant only for Units that are Commercial or Sold on a Long Lease.

Where Service Charges apply to a unit, you first have to set up the Recharge Categories and the relevant percentages that apply to each category for each Unit within a Property.

Go to Unit Maintenance and click on Commercial Unit Details or Long Lease Details. Then click on Expense Recharge Table.

Here you can enter the recharge percentages for each Category for this particular Unit.

If you have already entered a list of Category percentages for an other Unit in the same Property, you can select that Unit at the top and Copy those details to the current Unit - changing them or not, as relevant.

If the Category you want to use does not yet exist then double-click on the blank Recharge Category input field and add the new category to the list that pops up.

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