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Import Banking Transactions: Import File .... not found
Last Updated 5 months ago

When in screen Import Banking Transactions you get this error:
Dialog: Import Banking (Continue_Click): Error: Import File .... not found


it means what it says: a file that PropPack want to process is not there.

When exporting banking transactions you are supposed to save the export file in a specific location (usually c:\temp though it may be different if it has been changed in your installation) with a specific file name (the name is fixed and depends on which export format you are using).

The message is telling the location and file name that it is expecting.

If PropPack reports that the file is not found, and it has previously worked normally, then you have done something wrong when creating the export from the bank. Some possible suggestions:

  1. You have selected the wrong bank account at the top of the screen. You have downloaded from bank A but have selected an account from bank B. Change your selection.
  2. You have not done the export. Do it.
  3. You have done the export but have saved it with the wrong name. Save it again correctly or rename the existing file to what it should be.
  4. You have done the export but have saved it in the wrong location. This is a common error if you rely on your browser to remember the previous location. If you have downloaded something else to a different location since the last bank export, then your bank export has probably ended up there. Do it again to the correct location or move the file.

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