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-- How to submit a meaningful ticket request
Last Updated 7 months ago

Unfortunately, most of the questions that come our way cannot be answered based on the initial request for help.

Most follow the style of 'Why has tenant not been charged any rent?'.

The only answer we can give is 'Because something is wrong!!'.

So, please help us to help you solve your problem as quickly as possible by providing full information on and about the problem you have. Below are some suggestions that should help greatly to arrive at a speedy solution:

  1. A picture is worth 1000 words. Use the Windows Snipping Tool or its replacement Snip & Sketch to get a picture of your problem and paste that into an email (use Paste rather than attach it). Not only will that show us the exact message, if any, but we will immediately know where in PropPack you are experiencing problems.
  2. Tell us what you have already tried to do to resolve the problem and the results you got.
  3. Try and identify the 'breadth' of the problem.
    Is the problem specific or general - e.g. Is the printing problem with a specific report only, or with all reports?
    Is it just your PC that has the problem or are there others also with the same issue?
  4. Attach any relevant reports.

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