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03 - Advanced User Security
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You need to log-in as Secofr to gain access to the main security menu:
General Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance

If your use of PropPack is such that you need to maintain strict security, then it is imperative that you change the default password for Secofr and only give it to authorised staff.

The topic of securing various options within PropPack can be quite complex so needs careful planning.

Security sensitive screens are assigned their unique Authority Codes. To gain access to that screen or the ability to make changes, requires that the logged-in user has been granted access to that particular code.

Some examples of Authority Codes:

There are around 200 such codes.

When a new User is created then by default he is not authorised to anything. Initially, to ease the period of training a new user might be granted authority to code ALL. See FAQ How to add New Users to PropPack for details of creating a User and granting permissions.

Granting Authority

Each code grants authority to a specific screen or function, except for the ALL code which grants authority to almost all functionality.

A common technique used in low risk environments is to grant ALL permission to a User but then use the Revoke option to remove permission to particular sensitive areas. So a User might have ALL authority but then have authority to Bank Accounts revoked.

Where a User only needs access to limited screens then ALL should not be used. Instead, start with no authority and use the PropPack Master Menu to go to the areas of PropPack which the User should be able to go.

At each step an error message will pop-up advising that authority to code XYZ is required. You now know to which authority code you have to grant access for that particular screen for that particular user.

Navigate to all required areas and thereby grant appropriate access.

Special Permissions
There are some screens or actions that require explicit permissions. Someone with ALL authority will still not be able to use that function unless that User is granted explicit permission. When you encounter such a situation, an error message will be displayed showing the code to which the User needs to be granted permission.

Revoking Permissions

Group Permissions
It is cumbersome and error prone to go through a complex set of permissions where several Users all need the same set of permissions.

In such cases, create Group codes of your choice and grant the appropriate authorities to the Group.

Then, make a User a member of that group and the User will inherit the authorities of the Group.

Being a member of a Group does not prohibit a user having personal authority settings as well. So a group member can be permitted to additional authority codes or can be barred from particular codes (using Revoke) that are granted to the rest of the Group.

General Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance > Edit Authority - Company & Bank


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