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-- How to best search the Knowledgebase to find answers
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Recommendation: If you are a new PropPack user, please read through Glossary - Reserved words used within PropPack once you have read this article.

When you first open the Support Centre Home page, right at the top is a search line: Search our knowledge base. Some other pages also have a search box. If you need to search and there is no search box just click the Support Centre Home button at the top.

In the search box, type a word or phrase and click Search or just press the Enter key, and a list of topics that match what you typed will be displayed. Click on the relevant one.

You may also enter a part of a word. It is better to type fewer letters than too much.

Whatever you type in will be matched exactly, so keep the search phrase short - a single word is probably best. If you think that two words that appear exactly as you type them will be in an article then use that as it will certainly give you a shorter list.

If nothing that is shown is relevant then try an other word - there is a search field on the right side near the top - type a new search word and press the Enter key.

If you can't find an answer to your question, click on Open a New Ticket, log in with your user name and password and send us your query.

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