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How to Install Access 97
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Before PropPack can be installed you first have to install Microsoft Access 97.

The instructions below will allow you to download the Access 97 package and then install it.
After that you may proceed to install the PropPack program.

Please READ and FOLLOW these instructions carefully. We take no responsibility if you mess-up because you were not careful.

  1. Email us for the download link and serial number for Access 97 package.
  2. Download the Access 97 package. (There may be a short delay till the download appears)
  3. Once downloaded, open the zip file and you will see a folder named: Office97
  4. Drag/Copy this folder on to the C drive. It must go into the root c:\ location and not into a sub-folder. If you wish you can copy it to an other drive, but it must go in the root of that drive.
  5. Open the Office97 folder and scroll down till you find SETUP.EXE
    (If you still have the stupid Microsoft default settings you will actually see several files all named SETUP. It is the one with the Type “Application” that you need.
  6. Double-click on SETUP.EXE to start the install process.
  7. Enter 'Desser Associates' as the Name > OK > OK
  8. Enter the CD key: xxxx xxxxxxx > OK > OK > OK (Email us for the code)


  9. Carefully click on the Custom button and then review the following options
  10. Remove all the ticks (you need to also scroll down as there are a few lines hidden) except for the three detailed below (only 2 of the 3 are shown above).
  11. Click on the Data Access line and click Change Option.
  12. On the next screen click Select All and then click OK.
  13. Click on the Converters and Filters line (lower down than the Data Access option) and click Change Option.
  14. On the next screen click Select All and then click OK.
  15. Back on the above screen you should now see the three ticks - the first a grey tick and the other two black.
  16. Click Continue.

  17. On the next screen select A4 British English dictionaries and click OK. (NOT as shown above)
  18. It will now start the install process.
  19. On Windows 7 there may be some errors reported right at the end. They should be ignored - just click OK or Ignore as appropriate.

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