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How to Remove a Company or a Property and/or Units no longer in Use
Last Updated 7 months ago

Remove here is taken to mean making inactive.

Generally, old Properties, Units, Tenants or Companies cannot be physically removed as these high-level elements are typically linked to lower level elements. To physically remove such elements would require all related elements to be deleted first - something that is not possible as old records need to be retained.

  1. Before a Unit is made inactive, the current tenant in that unit must be marked with a Leave Date.
  2. Properties that no longer need to be on the System should be dealt with by going to Property Maintenance and setting Status to ‘9’ and the Sold On date recorded. All Units in the Property will be automatically marked inactive.
  3. To remove just a Unit where the Property is to be kept, mark the Tenure as ‘9’ in Unit Maintenance.

  4. To remove a Company go to ‘Companies Maintenance’ (shortcut - click on the selected Company on the Main Menu) and tick against ‘Suspend’ on the bottom right hand corner.
  5. To see a list of active Units on the System, use the report: Reports Menu > List Managed Units – All. The Count at the bottom of this report and should match the count on the Support page.

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