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00 - How to set up Security for Users - Overview
Last Updated 5 months ago

You need to log-in as Secofr to gain access to the main Security menu:

General Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance

If your use of PropPack is such that you need to maintain strict security, then it is imperative that you change the default password for Secofr and only give it to authorised staff. We would advise all users to do this even if they feel they are not at risk.

Warning: Use the Secofr user just when you need to for specific tasks. Do not use it for general PropPack work.

There are options to:
  1. Grant permission to ALL parts of PropPack. This will grant permission to use virtually all operational screens except for those that are security related plus a few specific sensitive screens.
  2. Grant Permission to ALL but revoke permission to one or more specific screens.
  3. Grant permission to just specific screens.See How to add New Users to PropPack for the basics.
  4. Revoke certain permissions.
  5. Limit access to particular Companies or Bank Accounts
Where there are groups of Users who need the same level of permissions, it is possible to create Groups into which each group of Users can be linked.
You would then grant or revoke permissions as necessary to each Group, without the need to set up each user the same way.

See How to add New Users to PropPack for basic details.
See Advanced User Security for full details on how to deal with complex requirements.

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