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01 - How to add New Users to PropPack
Last Updated 5 months ago

When PropPack is first installed the only user on the system will be Secofr - the Security Officer - who administers the system.

The first task after installation should be to create user accounts for all authorised users.

Note that user names are not case sensitive - so both secofr and Secofr are valid and are the same user. The password for a user is case sensitive.

  1. Log onto PropPack as user secofr (security officer) and go to:
    General Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance.
  2. Click on Create New User
  3. Enter the New User Name, select Group_01 and click Create User button. If you do not select Group_01 for a user, he will not have access to anything.
    The new User name will be created, together with the password that is the same as the user name but in lowercase. The user can change his password when he has logged in. Exit from the Create User screen.
  4. If you forgot to assign the new user to Group_01 then click Add User to Additional Group on the menu and do it there.
  5. Next select Edit User Authority.
  6. Click on the Add button at the top and in the pop-up
    select the new user's name and in is Authorised to select an authority category to which he is to be authorised and click . Repeat for more categories as necessary.
  7. Initially, it is normal practice to select All Functions for each new user to enable training but this can then be adjusted later - see FAQ: How to set up Security for Users

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