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Why are Rent Demands not being generated?
Last Updated 6 months ago

Check the following:

  1. Is Daily Processing being run. It needs to be run automatically or manually for Rent Demands to be produced.
  2. Are you ignoring an error message when Daily Processing runs? Some error messages stop all further processing so it terminates without doing all the necessary processing. Fix all errors and run Daily Processing again.
  3. Is Automatic Rent Demand processing turned off? Check the buttons below the manual Daily Processing button:

    If it is turned off, the marked button above will appear. You need to use this button to generate Rent Demands
  4. Is it a specific tenant for which the Rent Demand is not being produced?
    - Check Tenants Maintenance that the rent charge details are correct.
    - Check Property Maintenance that Daily Processing has not been turned off for this property.
  5. Also see Why is rent due not showing on the tenant ledger?

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