Below are listed our Cryptographic Public Keys. You can use a public key to encrypt some text or a file and then email it to us.

You can then be sure that only we can decrypt it - the transfer to us will be completely secure.

You can save a public key in two steps:

Step 1: Download or Copy the Public Key

  • You can download a Public Key by clicking on the appropriate email address.
  • Alternatively, download by right-clicking on the appropriate email address and select 'Save link as' and then save the file.
  • If instead of a download, a new page opens displaying the public key, highlight the complete page (ctrl+a) and copy it (ctrl-c).

Step 2: Import into your Cryptography Software

  • Import the downloaded file into your Cryptography software. The method will depend on what software you are using.
  • If you copied the text to the clipboard then import the clipboard into your Cryptography software, or save it as a new file and import that into your Cryptography software

Public Key of:
Fingerprint: 8E47 89F8 6A1F 7A3F 412F C0D0 0B37 AA70 58B6 7774

We use Gpg4win ( as our Cryptography software. Contact us if you need any assistance.