Update 2363 3/04/2019 (2338 - 2363)

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Update 2363 3/04/2019 (2338 - 2363)

Post by Admin » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:06 pm

25/02/19 15:31:11 2338 Syndicate Reporting Menu
When Consolidated Disbursement Advice is selected, the report is now printed with the footer displayed.

05/03/19 12:29:07 2339 Managed Company Period End
Previously there was an option to hide the Tenant details from the Rent Analysis Statement. This has been extended to include all reports on the Managed Company Period End screen.

To set this for a specific Company, tick against option:
  • Company Maintenance > Managed Company Maintenance > Remove Tenant on Rent Reports?
To set this System wide, tick against:
  • General Maintenance > Preferences > Modify System Parameters > MCPE Tab > Remove Tenants Details on Managed Company Period End > Rent Reports
05/03/19 15:26:50 2340 Companies Maintenance - VAT Details
When there are multiple Companies that share the same VAT Number, the following points must be observed in order to be able to submit VAT Returns:
  • 1. One of the companies must be designated as the Master Company by ticking against Master VAT Company on this screen. None of the Member Companies will be selectable on the VAT Returns screen other than the Master Company.
  • 2. When selecting the Master Company on the VAT Returns Screen and selecting to Print or Submit, the User will only be able to proceed if the selected Periods exist in all Member Companies. Furthermore, the VAT Periods in all Companies must also share the same Start and End Dates.
  • 3. When printing VAT Return reports for the selected Master Company, a set of Reports will be printed for each Member Company. A final VAT Return Summary Report will also be printed with the totals for the entire Group, and these values will be used for the submission to HMRC.
10/03/19 14:06:56 2341 Recharge Schedule Reprint Summary V2
A new version of the Recharge Schedule Summary Report can now be printed. It is shown as a new selection when double-clicking on the 'M' value shown in the 'Type' field in Rent Transactions Maintenance.

Text on this Report can be edited by changing entries with the RCS2 prefix on Letter Texts Maintenance screen via
  • General Maintenance > Preferences > Modify System Files > Letter Texts.
10/03/19 14:39:42 2342 Managed Company Period End
The default value of Pay VAT? can be set in
  • Company Maintenance > Amend Managed Company Details.
10/03/19 20:09:51 2343 Auto-Payments via Bank Import
The following changes have been made to this facility:
  • When Payments are posted to the Expense Ledger via Bank Import, the Payment Method is always set to Q.
12/03/19 11:53:53 2344 Rent Transactions Maintenance
The Tenant Ledger Listing 2 report now shows the correct Opening Balance for the S/C Special Projects subsection.

12/03/19 21:43:57 2345 Expense Recharge Breakdown Details
Total of Estimates already Charged (Type X) and Total of Estimates already Paid (Type XP) is now displayed correctly based on the Special Project selection.

13/03/19 13:13:12 2346 Rent Entry / Enquiry
If a Tenant has been set to Charge Interest on Late Payment? then Interest Payments on this screen, will be checked at the time of Input.

If the Payment will increase the Interest Balance to be overpaid by £50 or more, the User will be warned.

This is to help prevent a Payment from being incorrectly assigned, and additional Interest being charged to the Tenant.

19/03/19 14:50:32 2347 Reports Master Menu
On the Expense / Rent Combined screen, the Year/Period selections now work as expected.

22/03/19 16:06:59 2348 Unit Maintenance
The Registered Address field has been added to the Landlord on Documents section on the Unit Maintenance screen.

When filled in, this overrides the Registered Address that is set in Companies Maintenance.

It is printed on various Documents, in a similar fashion to the existing Legal Name setting that is in the Landlord on Documents section.

25/03/19 15:44:12 2349 Rent Enquiry
The error message sometimes shown when selecting Print Invoices has been corrected.

25/03/19 16:02:22 2350 HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) - VAT Returns
HMRC Fraud Prevention enhancements have been added to the new MTD facility.

26/03/19 19:46:45 2351 Supplier Maintenance
Changes to the RA Email Address in BACS Payments Details is now logged as expected.

27/03/19 11:15:07 2352 Tenant Maintenance
When setting a Tenant Leave Date, all existing Bank Payment Refs and Bank Payment Range are logged and deleted.

27/03/19 15:23:52 2353 Sundry Tasks
The Charges section on the Create Rents based on Category Percent tool, now shows the total of all entries.

28/03/19 12:58:49 2354 Unit Maintenance / Tenant Maintenance
Double-clicking on Lease Document Hyperlink now opens the displayed file, even if DMS Hyperlink Sub Path has been set in
  • Modify System Parameters > More Hyperlink Settings.
29/03/19 13:39:56 2355 Pay Online / by Cheque to Creditors
Supplier filter has been added to this Screen.

29/03/19 13:40:40 2356 Process VAT Return
When Managing Agent Keeps Service Charge has been set for a Managed Company, the following now occurs:
  • an extra set of VAT Return and Listings is printed detailing Service Charge related transactions that have been withheld from the Landlord
  • When a VAT payment is to be posted to the Ledger, the amount due for transactions that have been withheld from the Landlord is posted as a separate payment. This Expense is marked with NOTE: Managing Agent Payment and will not be passed on to the Landlord;
  • The remainder of the VAT payment will be posted and will be passed on to the Landlord, as before
  • A range of old Periods can be selected to review the expected apportionment for Historic Accounting Years.
31/03/19 13:30:33 2357 Send Letter to Tenant
In Attachment Options, multiple PDF files can now be added by double-clicking on the Attachment text field.

31/03/19 13:52:13 2358 Managing Agent's Terms
When Managing Agent (MANAGT) Trade is selected, the Managing Agent's Terms screen pops-up after clicking into the Reg-ID/Codes field.

Values that are selected on that screen are saved onto the Reg-ID/Codes field.

A 'Reset' button has now been added on that pop-up screen. When pressed, the screen is closed and the Reg-ID/Codes field is cleared."

01/04/19 10:45:54 2359 Consolidated Disbursement Advice
The problem with the bottom of a large footer being cut off, has been corrected.

01/04/19 10:48:49 2360 Send Letter to Contact
In Attachment Options, multiple PDF files can now be added by double-clicking on the Attachment text field.

02/04/19 14:28:54 2361 Banking Transactions New Input
When entering Zero Balance Entries, the new Entry must not be dated after existing Transactions that are in the selected Bank.
This is to prevent new Entries from interfering with future Bank Imports.

02/04/19 18:19:57 2362 Managed Company Period End
The problem with the posted VAT payment when processing the VAT Return, has been corrected.

03/04/19 17:28:05 2363 Process VAT Return
A warning is shown for multiple Companies that share the same VAT Number, when none of them is set as a 'Master VAT Company'.
The related companies are now listed on this warning.

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